APFORGEN's Objectives

The broad objective of APFORGEN is to promote the management of tropical forest genetic resources more equitably, productively and sustainably in its 14 member countries. APFORGEN seeks to enhance technical and scientific cooperation, training and information exchange among the member countries, through linking and providing technical support to national forest programme, research institutions, NGOs and individuals interested in the conservation and management of forest genetic resources in the region.


APFORGEN's specific objectives are:

1. Strengthen national programmes on forest genetic diversity in participating countries.collaboration 

2. Enhance regional networking and collaboration on conservation and management of forest genetic resources.                 

3. Locate and characterize, conserve and facilitate exchange of genetic diversity of selected priority forest species.           

4. Promote sustainable use of genetic diversity in natural and man-made forests.

5. Enhanced linkages with other regional and international networks.


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