National Coordinators Meetings

APFORGEN National Coordinators and ITTO Funded Capacity Building Project Mid-Term Review Meeting

Bogor, Indonesia, 5 – 7 September 2007


Purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of the ITTO funded capacity building project and to revise or reaffirm the plans scheduled for the final 18 months of the project. APFORGEN action plan activities were discussed and reviewed. The meeting was also an opportunity for APFORGEN coordinators from countries who did not participate in the ITTO funded project to provide country updates on the status of FGR conservation and interact and exchange ideas with other network members. 14 participants from 9 countries attended this meeting.


APFORGEN National Coordinators and ITTO Funded Capacity Building Project Update Meeting, 

Dehradun, India,  15 – 16 April 2006


Representatives from 12 of the 14 countries participating in the programme  attended this workshop  to discuss recent updates of national forest genetic resources conservation and management (FGR C&M) in the region, to discuss the development of national FGR programmes in the participating countries, to revisit the draft APFORGEN Action Plan, to explore more effective means for information dissemination between the participating organisations and countries in the region, to explore resource generation strategy or ideas and to identify other areas of common interest for collaboration. This meeting was also a forum for discussion and setting the scope for executing activities of the ITTO funded capacity building project. The national focal points from 7 participating countries for the ITTO funded capacity building project were briefed on their roles and the activities of the project. 


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APFORGEN Southeast Asian National Coordinators’ Meeting

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 29 - 30 November 2004


National Coordinators from 6 countries participated to discussed the status of integration of FGR in the National Forest Programmes (NFPs) and forest policies. In many cases, FGR may not yet be specifically addressed in the existing forest policies and NFPs. Certain countries, such as Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia are currently in the process of revising some of the national policies, plans and legislation related to FGR. Policy analysis and support, exchanging information and creating awareness of FGR e.g. through case studies as well as seeking for international and regional endorsement for the programme have been identified as the priority areas for future work of APFORGEN. Other topics that were discussed in the meeting included e.g. the current status of tree species networks (such as TeakNet) and past FGR-related projects in the regions, as well as the role of FGR management in creating sustainable livelihood options.


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