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Focus on Asia’s Tree Diversity

Highlights of Regional Collaboration in Implementing FAO’s Global Plan of Action on Forest Genetic Resources

Event at the Asia Pacific Forestry week, Philippines, Friday 26 February 2016, 9.00-10.30am

Forests’ role in mitigating climate change, productivity of indigenous timber and non-timber species, and success rates in forest restoration all depend on one thing – the genetic diversity of the tree species. This event introduces regional initiatives under the Asia Pacific Forest Genetic Resources Programme (APFORGEN) that contribute to implementing FAO’s Global Plan of Action on Forest Genetic Resources (GPA FGR) in support of broader environmental and development goals. The objective of the event is also to discuss opportunities for mobilizing political and financial support for the implementation of the GPA FGR in the region, in line with National Forest Programmes, Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans and other relevant programmes and planning processes. The GPA FGR has 27 Strategic Priorities ranging from developing regional in situ conservation strategies, promoting forest restoration using genetically appropriate material, facilitating the participation of indigenous and local communities in managing forest genetic resources, and strengthening research and educational capacities through regional networking. APFORGEN, a network of 14 countries established in 2003, has developed a strategy to support the implementation of the GPA FGR, focusing on: (1) Mobilizing political and financial support for the GPA FGR, (2) Conservation and sustainable use strategies for regionally important and endangered tree species, and (3) Strengthening tree seed programmes to facilitate ecosystems restoration, support local livelihoods and climate change adaptation and mitigation. The event is an opportunity for anyone interested to join APFORGEN’s network and explore further collaboration for the conservation and sustainable use of the region’s vast tree diversity.


NEW - The event made the following recommendations to the Asia Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) and other forestry stakeholders in the region :


(i) APFC may wish to recognize the role of APFORGEN as a mechanism for regional collaboration on the conservation and use of forest genetic resources supporting the implementation of sustainable forest management, and to encourage countries in the region to join APFORGEN and contribute to its activities. 

(ii) APFC may wish to encourage APFORGEN to continue its efforts to establish a Regional Training Centre on forest genetic resources and seek partnership with countries and relevant regional and international organizations, to contribute to strengthening capacities for effective implementation of the Global Plan of Action on Forest Genetic Resources. 

(iii) Action Plan for Forest and Landscape Restoration in Asia-Pacific should include actions to strengthen tree seed supply systems, especially for the region's native tree species, inline with the decision by the 12th CBD COP that called all actors to pay due attention to native species and genetic diversity considerations in ecosystem restoration (UNEP/CBD/COP/12/15;2014). Organizations coordinating the development of the Action Plan may wish to collaborate with APFORGEN which has established a regional Working Group to support the strengthening of tree seed programmes to improve the survival, productivity and resilience of restored forests and their contribution to local livelihoods, biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation. 

Download the presentations

Regional Strategy for the implementation of the GPA FGR in Asia-Pacific – Enrique Tolentino Jr., UPLB

Establishing a Regional Training Centre on forest genetic resources –  Zheng Yongqi, Chinese Academy of Forestry

Global survey on problems in seed sourcing for forest restoration –  Riina Jalonen, Bioversity International

National Strategy for the Implementation of the GPA FGR in the Republic of Korea – Seok-Woo Lee, NIFOS, ROK




Asia Pacific Forest Genetic Resources, our side event at XXIII IUFRO World Congress 2010

23 - 28 August 2010, Seoul, Republic of Korea 


The side event was an opportunity for the seven focal points was an opportunity for the seven national focal points to present their status updates, outputs and achievements from the ITTO-funded capacity building project.


Key achievements included the regular country status reports and national consultative workshops on FGR conservation and managements.


Challenges reported included knowledge gaps in research, lack of regulatory framework and strategic planning, land tenure and land use planning as well as lack of resources. Focal points also highlighted the recent initiatives for improving conservation and sustainable use, such as development of legal and policy framework, institutional arrangements, research and conservation activities and information management.


Posters on the current status, challenges, national priorities, policy and institutional support of each country were developed and displayed at the APAFRI booth throughout the congress. A side event on Asia Pacific Forest Genetic Resources was also organized.


Download information posters of some APFORGEN countries - Cambodia ; India ; Indonesia ; Malaysia ; Myanmar ; Thailand ; Philippines

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