APFORGEN Priority Species Information Sheet - Shorea leprosula Miq.

Family: Dipterocarpaceae

Description: The trees are readily recognized from a distance by the coppery crown, due to yellow-brown or

grey-brown tomentose on the underside of the leaves. A large tree can reach up to 60 m in height and 175 cm in diameter. Buttresses can reach to 1.5 m in height and are spreading and concave. The crown tends to shape as an umbrella, wide-spreading with horizontal branches andpersistent leader. The first bole branch can be found as highas 35 m in height. The bark of the tree is light gray to gray brown, smooth when young and aregularly longitudinally fissured with concave ridges in older specimen. Slash inner bark is reddish brown, sapwood is cream-colored and heartwood is light red-brown with conspicuous radial resin canals.

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