APFORGEN Priority Species Information Sheet - Tectona grandis L.f.

Family: Lamiaceae (also placed in Verbenaceae)

Description: Teak trees can attain a very large size; up to 45 m in height and 190 cm in diameter. Stem usuallycylindrical but becoming fluted and slightly buttressed at base when mature. Bark light brown or grey, thin, with shallow longitudinal furrows and flaking in narrow vertical strips. Inner bark white. Leaves usually 15–60 x 12–35 cm, broadly ovate or oval with shortly pointed or blunt tip and taping base, but without teeth on rim. Leaf arrangement opposite and decussate. Flowers bisexual, 0.7–0.9 cm, white or cream-coloured; occur in large, loose, terminal inflorescences up to 50 cm long. Calyx about 0.3 cm, bell-shaped with 6 (occasionally 5) reflexed lobes, densely hairy outside. Corolla funnel-shaped at base with 6 (occasionally 5) spreading lobes that curled backward, hairy outside and glabrous inside. Equal stamens attached near base of corolla. Forked stigma has style as long as stamens. Fruit about 2 cm enveloped in a thin, inflated calyx. Silky-hairy exocarp covering stone fruit with 4 chambers each containing one seed.

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