Forest Genetic Resources Conservation and Management - International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) Project PD 199/03 Rev.3(F) Mid-term Review and the Asia Pacific Forest Genetic Resources Programme (APFORGEN) National Coordinators Meeting, Bogor.

Bogor, Indonesia, 5–7 September 2007. Publication Year 2008

The third APFORGEN National Coordinators meeting was held together with the Mid-term Review meeting of the ITTO project, Strengthening National Capacity and Regional Collaboration for Sustainable Use of Forest Genetic Resources in Tropical Asia, PD 199/03 Rev.3(F) on 5–7 September 2007 in Bogor, Indonesia. It was timely that this meeting was held to review the progress of the ITTO project 18 months after initiation, which was the mid point of project execution. The meeting served to review the progress and to revise or reaffirm the plans scheduled for the final 18 months of this project. There is increasing awareness of countries on the importance forest genetic resources as an essential component of sustainable forest management.

The APFORGEN initiative in forging a network programme of forest genetic resources in the region has contributed to efforts to nurture and guide national forestry managers towards a more coordinated approach to FGR conservation and management. Therefore, the meeting of APFORGEN National Coordinators also afforded the opportunity for them not only to update the status of FGR conservation in their respective countries, but also to interact and exchange ideas as well.

This publication will serve as a documentation and valuable source of information for the region’s forest managers and policy makers to draw upon in forest management practices to suit their national needs especially in FGR conservation.

Publisher: APAFRI, Bioversity International and FRIM
Publication Years: 2008
ISBN 13: 978-967-5221-00-2
Language: English

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