Forest Genetic Resources Conservation and Management - Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Forest Genetic Resources Programme (APFORGEN) Inception Workshop

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,15–18 July, 2003

Several countries in the Asia Pacific region have taken steps to implement sustainable forest management in practice and there is a need to promote management of FGR within this   process. Better management of forest genetic diversity will also help countries to fulfil their commitments as agreed under the Convention on Biological Diversity and to maintain diversity for future use. Responding to this need and following-up on the recommendations of the Southeast Asian Workshop of FGR held in Thailand in 2001, the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions (APAFRI) have taken the initiative to develop a regional network programme to strengthen the work on conservation and sustainable use of FGR in the region. This regional programme, called the Asia Pacific Forest Genetic Resources Programme (APFORGEN) has the support of fourteen countries in the region. The establishment of APFORGEN will greatly assist national programmes on FGR to be better coordinated and implemented and will also foster closer collaboration in the exchange of information, knowledge and expertise of FGR conservation and management in the region.

Publisher: International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
Publication Years: 2004
ISBN 13: 92-9043-624-7
Language: English

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APFORGEN is a regional programme and network with a holistic approach to the conservation and management of the Forest Genetic Resources (FGR) in the Asia-Pacific region


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