Project Completion Report: Strengthening national capacity and regional collaboration for sustainable use of forest genetic resources in tropical Asia

This Project responded to a need expressed by APAFRI members to increase information exchange and national capacity in rapidly developing scientific and technical areas, such as biodiversity assessment and conservation methodologies. The was also a follow-up to a recommendation by the Southeast Asian workshop on forest genetic resources (FGR), held in Thailand in 2001, which specifically recommended that International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) currently known as Bioversity International, in collaboration with APAFRI, should take a leading role in developing a regional programme to strengthen work on conservation and sustainable use of FGR in the region.

The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) funded a three-year Project entitled Strengthening National Capacity and Regional Collaboration for Sustainable Use of Forest Genetic Resources in Tropical Asia (ITTO PD 199/03 Rev.3(F)) in years 2006-2009. The Project was implemented by FRIM in collaboration with APAFRI and Bioversity International.

This ITTO Project has seven national partners, namely Cambodia (Department of Forestry and Wildlife), India (Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education), Indonesia (Research and Development Centre for Biotechnology and Forest Tree Improvement), Malaysia (Forest Research Institute Malaysia), Myanmar (Forest Research Institute, Yezin), Philippines (College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Philippines, Los BaƱos), and Thailand (Royal Forest Department). The Project has been a major activity of an Asia-Pacific regional network on forest genetic resources, Asia Pacific Forest Genetic Resources Programme (APFORGEN), which has 14 member country organizations.

The overall achievement of this three-year Project was rather significant. This was indicated by the number of activities organized, both at the national level in the seven participating countries, as well as at the regional level in Asia Pacific; and number of publications produced. Due to substantial savings from not engaging project staff originally budgeted, the Project was granted two extensions with no additional funding. The extensions, totaling 18 months, had enhanced further the overall quality of the project outputs contributing towards fully achieving the project objectives.

Publisher: FRIM and ITTO
Publication Years: 2010
Publication Format: PDF
ISBN 13: 978-967-5221-45-3
Language: English

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