Published Research Papers by APFORGEN National Coordinators

Collection of Published Research Papers from 2015 - 2005

Publication Year 2015

Tani N, Tsumura Y., Fukasawa, K., Kado, T., Taguchi, Y., Lee, S.L., Lee, C.T., Muhammad, N., Niiyama, K., Otani, T., Yagihashi, T., Tanouchi, H., Ripin, A. & Kassim, A.R. 2015. Mixed Mating System Are Regulated by Fecundity in Shorea curtisii (Dipterocarpaceae) as Revealed by Comparison under Different Pollen Limited Conditions. Link

Abarquez, A. Bush, D., Ata, J., Tolentino Jr, EL, and Gilbero, D. 2015. Early Growth and Genetic Variation of Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) in Progeny Tests Planted in Northern Mindanao. Philippines. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 27(3):314:324. Link

Suwan Tangmitcharoen, Wichan Eiadthong, Tosporn Vacharangkura, Kaewnapa Kittibanpacha, Phuangphan Yongrattana.2015. Germplasm Collection and Tree Improvement of Lacquer Trees in Thailand. In The Second International Conference on study on oriental lacquer initiated by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn for the revitalization of Thai wisdom. 22-25 July. Bangkok. Link

Zheng Yongqi , Zhang Chuanhong et al.,2015. Studies in protection and testing of new varieties of plants. China Agriculture Press. Beijing.

Publication Year 2014

Zheng Yongqi , Zhang Chuanhon, 2014. Risk Assessment of bio-invasion of exotic tree species. Science Press, Beijing.

V. Yuskianti, M. Glen, A. Francis, A. Rmbawanto and C.L Mohammed. 2014. Species-specific PCR for rapid identification of Ganoderma philippii and Ganoderma mastoporum from Acacia mangium and Eucalyptus pellita plantations.  Special Issue of Forest Pathology 44:477-485. Link

M. Glen, V. Yuskianti, D. Puspitasari, A. Francis,L. Agustini, A. Rimbawanto and C.L. Mohammed. 2014. Identification of basidiomycete fungi in Indonesia hardwood plantations by DNA bar-coding. Special Issue of Forest Pathology 44:496-508. Link

Vivi Yuskianti, Charomaini and Ari Fiani. 2014. Growth variation of pulai (Alstonia sp) at age six years in an ex-situ conservation area in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta (Proceeding International Conference of Indonesia Forestry Researchers (INAFOR) 2 “Forestry Research for Sustainable Forest Management and Community Welfare” (Eds. Lee, SS., et al.,), August 27-28, 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Ministry of Forestry, Forestry Research and Development Agency, p. 353-360. Link

Tnah, L.H., Lee, C.T., Lee, S.L., Ng, C.H. & Ng, K.K.S.  2014.  Development of microsatellites in Labisia pumila (Myrsinaceae), an economically important Malaysian herb.  Applications in Plant Sciences 2 (6): 1400019. Link

Lee, C.T., Lee, S.L., Tnah, L.H., Ng, K.K.S., Ng, C.H., Cheng, S. & Tani, N. 2014.  Isolation and characterization of 16 microsatellite markers in Intsia palembanica, a high-value tropical hardwood species.  Conservation Genetic Resources 6: 389-391. Link

Tnah, L.H., Lee, C.T., Lee, S.L., Ng, C.H. & Ng, K.K.S. 2014. Development and characterization of microsatellites of an important medicinal plant Orthosiphon stamineus (misai kucing). Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 55: 317-321. Link

Jalonen, R., Hong, L.T., Lee, S.L., Loo, J. & Snook, L. 2014.  Integrating genetic factors into management of tropical Asian production forests: A review of current knowledge.  Forest Ecology and Management 315: 191-201. Link

Chan, Y.M., Lee, C.T., Tnah, L.H. & Lee, S.L. 2014. Novel microsatellite markers for Begonia maxwelliana and transferability to 23 Begonia species of Peninsular Malaysia. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 57: 159-163. Link

Publication Year 2013

Zheng Yongqi (Eds.), China country report on forest genetic resources,2013,China Agriculture Press. Beijing. 

Cai Guofeng, Zheng Yongqi, Wang Lianggui. Genetic Diversity of Allozyme Markers of Liquidambar formosana Hance. Forest Research. 2013, 26(1):15-20. Link

Zheng Yongqi (Eds.), China country report on forest genetic resources,2013,China Agriculture Press. Beijing. 

Vivi Yuskianti and Keiya Isoda. 2013. Detection of pollen flow in the seedling seed orchard of Acacia mangium using DNA marker. Journal of Forestry Research 10 (1):31-41. Link

Lee, S.L., Chua, L.S.L., Ng, K.K.S., Hamidah, M., Lee, C.T., Ng, C.H., Tnah, L.H. & Hong, L.T. 2013. Conservation management of rare and predominantly selfing tropical trees: an example using Hopea bilitonensis (Dipterocarpaceae). Biodiversity and Conservation 22: 2989–3006. Link

Masuda, S., Tani, N., Ueno, S., Lee, S.L., Norwati, M., Kondo, T., Numata, S. & Tsumura, Y. 2013. Non-density dependent pollen dispersal of Shorea maxwelliana (Dipterocarpaceae) revealed by a Bayesian mating model based on paternity analysis in two synchronized flowering seasons. PLoS ONE 8(12): e82039. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0082039. Link

Ng, C.H., Lee, C.T., Lee, S.L., Tnah, L.H. & Ng, K.K.S. 2013. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for Shorea platyclados (Dipterocarpaceae). Applications in Plant Sciences. 1(7): 1200538. Link

Ohtani, M., Kondo, T., Tani, N., Ueno, S., Lee, S.L., Ng, K.K.S., Norwati, M., Finkeldey, R., Na’iem, M., Indrioko, S., Kamiya, K., Harada, K., Diway, B., Khoo, E., Kawamura, K. & Tsumura, Y. 2013. Nuclear and chloroplast DNA phylogeography reveals Pleistocene divergence and subsequent secondary contact of genetic lineages of the tropical rainforest tree species Shorea leprosula (Dipterocarpaceae) in South-East Asia. Molecular Ecology 22: 2264–2279. Link

Tnah, L.H., Lee, S.L., Ng, K.K.S., Lee, C.T., Subha, B. & Rofina, Y.O. 2013. Phylogeographical pattern and evolutionary history of an important Peninsular Malaysian timber species, Neobalanocarpus heimii (Dipterocarpaceae). Journal of Heredity 104: 115-126. Link

Publication Year 2012

Chris Beadle, Morag Glen, Luciasih Agustini, Vivi Yuskianti, Anthony Francis, Anto Rimbawanto and Caroline Mohammed. 2012. Biology, spread and management of root rot in Acacia mangium plantations in Indonesia (Proceeding of International Conference on the impacts of climate change to forest pests and diseases in the tropics (IUFRO WP.7.02.07) Mohammed, C., Beadle,C., Roux, J., Rahayu, S. (eds.)  8-10 October 2012, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Hal. 175-181, 2012). Link

D. Puspitasari, V. Yuskianti, A. Rimbawanto, M. Glen, and C. Mohammed. 2012. Identification of several Ganoderma species causing root rot in Acacia mangium plantation in Indonesia (Proceeding of International Conference on the impacts of climate change to forest pests and diseases in the tropics (IUFRO WP.7.02.07) Mohammed, C., Beadle,C., Roux, J., Rahayu, S. (eds.)  8-10 October 2012, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.Faculty of Forestry, Universitas Gadjah Mada Hal. 157-161, 2012). 

Vivi Yuskianti and Keiya Isoda. 2012. Genetic diversity of Acacia mangium seed orchard in Wonogiri Indonesia using microsatellite markers. HAYATI Journal of Biosciences 19 (3):141-144. Link

V. Yuskianti, L. Guan, E. Goto, A.Y.P.B.C. Widyatmoko and S. Shiraishi.  2012 Development of tetranucleotide microsatellite markers in Falcataria moluccana. Journal of The Japanese Forest Society 94:92-94. Link

Tnah, L.H., Lee, C.T., Lee, S.L., Ng, K.K.S., Ng, C.H., Nurul-Farhanah, Z., Lau, K.H. & Chua, L.S.L. 2012. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for an important tropical tree Aquilaria malaccensis (Thymelaeaceae). American Journal of Botany 99: e431-e433. Link

Tani, N., Tsumura, Y., Fukusawa, K., Kado, T., Taguchi, Y., Lee, S.L., Lee, C.T., Norwati, M., Niiyama, K., Otani, T., Yagihashi, T.H., Azizi, R. & Abdul Rahman, K. 2012. Male fecundity and pollen dispersal in hill dipterocarps: significance of mass synchronized flowering and implications for conservation. Journal of Ecology 100: 405-415. Link

Ohtani, M., Ueno, S., Tani, N., Lee, S.L. & Tsumura, Y. 2012. Twenty-four additional microsatellite markers derived from expressed sequence tags of the endangered tropical tree Shorea leprosula (Dipterocarpaceae). Conservation Genetic Resources 4: 351-354. Link

Tnah, L.H., Lee, S.L., Ng, K.K.S., Subha, B. & Rofina, Y. O. 2012. DNA extraction from dry wood of Neobalanocarpus heimii (Dipterocarpaceae) for forensic DNA profiling and timber tracking. Wood Science and Technology 46: 813-825. Link

Ng, C.H., Lee, S.L., Ng, K.K.S., Lee, C.T. & Norwati, M. 2012.  Establishment of full-sib families in Shorea platyclados using paternity analysis: an alternative to controlled pollination. Journal of Forest Research 17: 479-487. Link

Zheng Yongqi, Zhang Zhuanhong. Protection of Plant Variety Rights in Forestry. China Forestry Publishing House. 2012. Beijing. 

Zhili Suo, Chuanhong Zhang, Yongqi Zheng. Revealing genetic diversity of tree peonies at micro-evolution level with hyper-variable chloroplast markers and floral traits. Plant Cell Reports, 2012.Vol. 31(12): 2199-2213. Link

Zheng Yongqi, Hu Zenghui, ZhengYongqi. Geographic variation of phenotypic traits of provenances of Sorbus pohuashaensis. Journal of Plant Resources and Environment. 2012, 21(3): 1-7. Link

Zhao Han, ZhengYongqi. Access and Benefit-sharing of World Forest Genetic Resources and Its Implications for China.  World Forestry Studies. 2012,25(4):22-27. Link

Li Bin, ZhengYongqi, Lin Furong. Techniques for stock raising of tulip trees in north China. Applied Forestry Technologies. 2012, 4:44-45.

Combalicer, M.S., Lee, D.K., Woo, S.Y., Hyun, J.O., Park, Y.D., Lee, Y.K., Combalicer, E.A, and Tolentino, E.L. 2012. Physiological Characteristics of Acacia auriculiformis A.Cunn. ex Benth. and A. mangium Willd. in La Mesa Watershed and Pterocarpus indicus Willd. in Mt. Makiling, Philippines. Journal of Environmental Science Management, Special Issue No. 1: 14-28. Link

Changtragoon, S., P.  Ongprasert, S.  Tangmitcharoen, S.  Diloksampan, V.  Luangviriyasaeng,

P.Sornsathapornkul and S.  Pattanakiat. 2012.  Country Report on Forest Genetic Resources of Thailand.      Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Bangkok, Thailand. Link

Publication Year 2011

Vivi Yuskianti, Huang Fa Xin, Zhang Bin Xiang and Susumu Shiraishi.  2011.  Diagnosis of interspecific hybrids between Acacia mangium and A. auriculiformis using single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers. Silvae Genetica 60 (3-4):85-92. Link

V. Yuskianti, ZB Xiang and S. Shiraishi. 2011. Development of Sequence Characterized Amplified Region (SCAR) markers in Acacia auriculiformis. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 23 (3):299-304. Link

Lee, C.T., Lee, S.L., Ng, K.K.S., Faridah, Q.Z., Siraj, S.S. & Norwati, M. 2011.  Estimation of the outcrossing rates in Koompassia malaccensis from an open-pollinated population in Peninsular Malaysia using microsatellite markers. Journal of Tropical Forest Science 23: 410-416. Link

Ang, C.C., Lee, S.L., Ng, C.C., Lee, C.T., Tnah, L.H. and Rozainah, M.Z. 2011. Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci of Johannesteijsmannia lanceolata (Arecaceae). American Journal of Botany Primers Notes and Protocols 98: e1-e3. Link

Tnah, L.H., Lee, C.T., Lee, S.L., Ng, K.K.S., Ng, C.H. and Siaw, S.H. 2011. Microsatellite markers of an important medicinal plant, Eurycoma longifolia (Simaroubaceae), for DNA profiling. American Journal of Botany Primers Notes and Protocols 98: e130-e132. Link

Tsumura, Y.,  T. Kado,  K. Yoshida, H. Abe, M. Ohtani, Y. Taguchi, Y. Fukue, N. Tani, S. Ueno, K. Yoshimura, K. Kamiya, K. Harada, Y. Takeuchi, B. Diway, R. Finkeldey, M. Na’iem, S. Indrioko, K.K.S. Ng,  M. Norwati and S.L. Lee. 2011.  Molecular database for classifying Shorea species (Dipterocarpaceae) and techniques for checking the legitimacy of timber and wood products. Journal of Plant Research 124: 35-48. Link

Combalicer, M.S., Lee, D.K., Woo, S.Y., Lee, K.W., Tolentino, E.L., Combalicer, E.A., Lee, Y.K. and Park, P.D. 2011. Aboveground Biomass and Productivity of Nitrogenfixing Tree Species in the Philippines. Scientific Research and Essays 6(27): 5820-5836. Link

Florece, L.M., Tolentino, E. L. Jr. Bantayan, N. C., Cruz, R.V.O. and Castillo, A. SA. 2011. Effects of controlled burning on soil erosion rates, survival and growth of Pinus kesiya and Alnus japonica in Itogon, Benguet, Province, Philippines. Asia Life Sciences 20(2):491-502. Link

Publication Year 2010

Tangmitcharoen S., Nimpila S., Phuangjumpee J., Piananurak P. 2010. Two-year results of a clonal test of teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) in the northeast of Thailand. In Workshop on RFD-JIRCAS joint research project: Development of Techniques for nurturing beneficial indigenous tree species and combined management of agriculture and forestry in the northeast of Thailand. Link

Vivi Yuskianti and S. Shiraishi. 2010. Developing SNP markers and DNA typing using multiplexed single nucleotide primer extension (SNuPE) in Paraserianthes falcataria. Breeding Science 60:87-92. Link

Masuda, S., N. Tani, M. Ohtani, S.L. Lee, M. Norwati and Y. Tsumura.  2010.  Isolation and characterization of 12 microsatellite loci for the tropical tree species Shorea maxwelliana and S. laevis (Dipterocarpaceae).  Conservation Genetics Resources 2: 109-111. Link

Tnah, L.H., S.L. Lee, K.K.S. Ng, Q.Z. Faridah and I.H. Faridah. 2010. Forensic DNA Profiling of Tropical Timber Species in Peninsular Malaysia. Forest Ecology and Management 259: 1436–1446. Link

Tnah, L.H., S.L. Lee, K.K.S. Ng, Q.Z. Faridah and H.I. Faridah. 2010. Highly variable STR markers of Neobalanocarpus heimii (Dipterocarpaceae) for forensic DNA-profiling.  Journal of Tropical Forest Science 22: 214–226. Link

James M. Roshetko, Enrique L. Tolentino, Jr. , Wilfredo M. Carandang, Manuel Bertomeu, Alexander Tabbada, Gerhard E.S. Manurung, and Calixto Yao. 2010. Tree Nursery Sourcebook-Options in  Support of Sustainable Development. World Agroforestry Center-ICRAF and Winrock International. Bogor, Indonesia. 52 pp. Link

Publication Year 2009

Tangmitcharoen S. 2009. Status of the conservation and management of forest genetic resources in Thailand. In: R.Jalonen, K.Y.Choo, L.T. Hong and H.C.Sim, eds. Repot on Forest genetic resources conservation and management: status in seven South and Southeast Asian countries. 

Tangmitcharoen S. 2009. Forest Genetic Resources Management by Royal Forest Department. Journal of Tropical Research 2: 61-72. Kasetsart University. Thailand.

Tasen, W., S. Tangmitchareon, K. Ogata, and M. Thakeaw. 2009.  Insect pollination of Aquilaria crassna (Thymelaeaceae): Effect of Moths for the fruit setting in Thailand. J.Fac.Agr.Kyushu Univ ,54(2)321-328. Link

Tangmitcharoen S., Tasen W., Owens J.N. and Bhodthipuks J. 2009. Fruit set as affected by pollinators of teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) at two spacings in a seed orchard. Songklanakarin J.Sci.Technol. 31(3): 255-259. Link

Glen, V. Yuskianti, A. Francis, L. Agustini, A. Widyatmoko, A. Rimbawanto and C.L. Mohammed. 2009. Rapid and robust identification of fungi associated with Acacia mangium root disease using DNA analyses. APPS 2009, Plant Health Management: An integrated Approach. 29 September-1 October 2009. Newcastle City Hall. 

Tnah, L.H., S.L. Lee, K.K.S. Ng, N. Tani, B. Subha and Y.O. Rofina.  2009. Geographical traceability of an important tropical timber (Neobalanocarpus heimii) inferred from chloroplast DNA. Forest Ecology and Management 258: 1918–1923. Link

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Ng, K.K.S., S.L. Lee, Y. Tsumura, S. Ueno, C.H. Ng and C.T. Lee.  2009.  Expressed sequence tag–simple sequence repeats isolated from Shorea leprosula and their transferability to 36 species within the Dipterocarpaceae.  Molecular Ecology Resources 9: 393–398. Link

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Ng, C.H., S.L. Lee, K.K.S. Ng, M. Norwati and C.T. Lee.  2009. Development of microsatellite markers for Shorea platyclados (Dipterocarpaceae).  Conservation Genetics Resources 1: 317-319. Link

Ng, C.H., S.L. Lee, K.K.S. Ng, M. Norwati and R. Wickneswari.  2009. Mating system and seed variation of Acacia hybrid (A. mangium x A. auriculiformis).  Journal of Genetics 88: 25-31. Link

Tani, N., T. Kado, Y. Taguchi, S.L. Lee, K.K.S. Ng, M. Norwati, S. Numata, S. Nishimura, A. Konuma, T. Okuda and Y. Tsumura. 2009. Paternity analysis-based inference of pollen dispersal patterns, male fecundity variation, and influence of flowering tree density and general flowering magnitude in two dipterocarp species. Annals of Botany 104: 1421-1434. Link

Publication Year 2008

Zheng Yongqi, Wang Huoran (Eds.): Learning from others: Introduction, cultivation and utilization of forest genetic resources. China Agriculture Press. 2008。327pp. 

Naito, Y., M. Kanzaki, S. Numata, K. Obayashi, A. Konuma, S. Nishimura, S. Ohta, Y. Tsumura, T. Okuda, S.L. Lee, and M. Norwati.  2008.  Size-related flowering and fecundity in the tropical canopy tree species, Shorea acuminata (Dipterocarpaceae) during two consecutive general flowerings.  Journal of Plant Research 121:33–42. Link

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Publication Year 2007

Lee, C.T., S.L. Lee, K.K.S. Ng, H.S. Salwana, M. Norwati and L.G. Saw.  2007.  Allozyme diversity of Koompassia malaccensis (Leguminosae) in Peninsular Malaysia.  Journal of Tropical Forest Science 19: 73-78. Link

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Publication Year 2006

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Publication Year 2005

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