Strategy 2023-2030: Conserving, restoring and sustainably managing forest and tree genetic resources in Asia and the Pacific

In a meeting of its National Coordinators in March 2023, APFORGEN identified four objectives for regional collaboration on the conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of the region’s forest and tree genetic resources for the years 2023-2030. The meeting reaffirmed the continued importance of APFORGEN’s thematic areas and identified updated action needs and targets for each objective and their contributions to the Global Biodiversity Framework and the Global Plan of Action on Forest Genetic Resources. The Strategic objectives for 2023-2030 are to:

  1. Mobilize political and financial support for integrated management of forest genetic resources in land use, biodiversity and climate policies, strategies and programmes
  2. Make information about the region’s forest and tree genetic resources available and accessible to support their sustainable management and research
  3. Develop conservation and sustainable use strategies for regionally important and threatened tree species
  4. Strengthen tree seed systems to facilitate ecosystem restoration, support local livelihoods and climate change adaptation and mitigation

The strategy was presented to the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission at its 30th session in Sydney, Australia, 20-6 October 2023.

About us

APFORGEN is a regional programme and network with a holistic approach to the conservation and management of the Forest Genetic Resources (FGR) in the Asia-Pacific region


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